Do Something Like:
Plant a Garden, As a Way to Achieve Ubuntu

Do Something Like: Plant a Garden, As a Way to Achieve Ubuntu
If you are a health care provider, care consumer, city- or country-dweller, become empowered to facilitate change in your home or community. Plant a garden to help reverse food deserts and connect a community. These deserts impact the availability of fresh, seasonal plant-based eating choices all over the United States.

How to plant a garden in your city, according to Ron Finley

Show me the Science :
Globally-Inspired Eating Tips (Messina, 2014), was the inspiration to share evidence from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics position paper based on a systematic review of research on plant-based diets, that they are both nutritious and healthy (Palmer, 2014).

Here’s the Scoop, plant-based diets:

  • Lower blood pressure and lipid levels
  • Decrease risk of heart disease and Type II Diabetes
  • Lower body weight and overall cancer rates
  • Decrease consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol
  • Increase dietary fiber and many other important vitamins, minerals and phyto-chemicals.

Beyond health advantages, gardening and plant-based diets promote the following environmental and social benefits:

  • Advocate compassion (more animal- friendly)
  • Leave a smaller carbon footprint
  • Foster community engagement
  • Decrease food disparities and improve access to healthy choices
  • Educate and empower the community on the benefits of a garden.

The Globally Inspired Plant-based Diet According to Experts

  • Use core ingredients from authentic world cuisines (to name a few)
    • Asian
    • Mediterranean
    • Latin and African
    • When thinking about what plants to eat always think
      • Fresh
      • Seasonal
      • Local

Remember, you don’t ever have to spare flavor to eat healthy.

Benefits of Urban Gardening on YouTube

Despite available resources for many in America to access food, consciousness regarding food disparities, food politics and what can be done to reverse “food being the problem food being the solution,” need to be addressed.

What was done in 2014

What some are doing in their own backyard

What some CT locals are doing

What some local CT politicians are doing to fight hunger

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