A #humble plea from an APRN, FNP concerning #COVID-19 #research needed

Please conduct research targeting Toll-like receptor (TLR) signaling pathways.


The purpose of the research is to understand:

the relationship of how and why TLR signaling pathways  may affect innate immune response in the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, do drugs in the quinoline family in combination with macrolides shut off  COVID-19  cell protein synthesis, cause apoptosis and release interferons (Mistry,2018) and (El-Zayat,Sibaii & Mannaa,2019)?


According to many experts, TLR’s are known to activate anti- microbial, fungal, viral and protozoan activities and produce pro-inflammatory cytokines in acute disease and modulate TLR’s in auto-immune and chronic disease (Zhu & Mohan, 2010), and (Loiarro, Riggerio & Sette, 2010).





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